Helmut Zepf has its own characater. We decide on our own way.
    Who stays in the footsteps of others cannot improve. We take our chances, without ignoring the risks.



Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik is going its own way.
Helmut Zepf has its own character. We determine our way on our own.
Following the footsteps of others doesn’t allow us to overtake others.
We take our chances without ignoring the risk.
We act confidently. Therefore we have militancy, creativity, patience and are brave enough to change.

WE create values for our customers and employees

We comply with the requirements of our customers. With our products, service and reliability we are the enhancers of your success.
We create jobs for your employees for their personal success and satisfaction.

Things we, we do right and with passion

We use our knowledge, our investment capacity and our management executive in areas where they are effective and operational for a long time.
We don’t do everything. We concentrate on our core competence and therefore we are one oft he best.
We offer this service to others. Everything else we do on our own as long as it will increase our success.
At our location in Germany we concentrate on innovative and complex technologies and manufacturing processes.

Our home is the modern and aesthetic denstistry / implantology

We consequently implent what's important for our customers.
We simplify your work with innovative and creative solutions.
We offer a wide range of instruments and services for high requirements.
Our products are characterized by their long life time, high robustness, convenience, performance and safety.

We are always slightly ahead of the market

We act quickly and set priorities.
We are growing in long-term and well qualified for all new tasks lying ahead. But not at all costs.
We watch our competitors, yet we are not afraid.
We established a leading position in Germany.
In all other countries we are developing a well-qualified dealer network.

We make high demands towards our business partners

We select our business partners carefully. We want the best.
Towards them we are competent and reliable, individual and flexible.
Performance and consideration determine the mutual relationship.

We are asking for nothing more, than what we do not do ourselves

Our management board is acting in accordance with our mission statement.
All our managers are an example for our employees. They take responsibilities and are leading there team aim-orientated. They stand out due to their efforts and will to meet all challenges successfully.
Our employees stand by Helmut Zepf. They are committed, work efficiently and quality orientated and are willing develop permanently.
Our employees are affected by our common values. We act directly and respect and help each other.
Our shared responsibility is the maintenance and implementation of your mission statement.