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    As leading manufacturer of the dental industry we sell our instruments worldwide in over 60 countries. A competent and well qualified dealer network guarantees a promt and smooth handling of your orders.


Marketing and Sales

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the products tend to sell themselves. Marketing and innovation are two words that should be written in one sentence as they belong together. Innovations can’t sell without proper marketing and marketing can’t work without innovations to promote.

Thinking laterally, coming up with innovations which are slightly ahead of the market - these are qualities which Helmut Zepf has maintained throughout the last decades.

We are setting priorities internationally

Our company is growing in long-term and qualified for all new tasks lying ahead. We respect all our competitors, yet we are not afraid. We established a leading position in the German market and are exporting our products to more than 60 countries with a well-qualified distributor network.

We are always keen to find the perfect marketing strategy for every country in order to accommodate our customers with best possible sales support and to improve our market position.

The foundation of our marketing strategy was the vision of our founder Isidor Zepf: to develop the best of all dental, surgical instruments in order to offer the best possible treatment for the patient.