Professor Ferdinand Sauerbruch became famous for a special surgical technique which he had developed. As a surgeon, he had rather clear-cut ideas regarding the characteristics and quality of the surgical instruments he used. It was no simple matter to meet his high demands.

The well-known surgeon turned to Zepf, an instrument maker in Seitingen that back then was still a rather young company, to make the surgical instruments he wanted and special prototype arm and leg prostheses. Isidor Zepf, who had founded the company in 1921, and his wife Rosa, who was surely one of the first female surgical-instrument makers, were able to make the products the way he wanted for the professor from Berlin. Their, back in those days, somewhat unusual collaboration, formed the cornerstone for Zepf's successful development effort and demonstrated what is Zepf's hallmark, even today: rapidly implementing innovations in the field of medical instruments working in collaboration with well-known physicians and developing them into exemplary solutions. What had been a manufacturing plant with modest beginnings began to grow due to the growing demand for medical instruments.

Simultaneously with its growth, the company developed manufacturing methods that would allow both manufacturing large numbers of units and employing better quality materials. In the 1930's, Zepf increasingly specialized in manufacturing dental instruments, thereby forming the basis for the present company. 'Zepf' had meanwhile become a well-established brandname with a particularly good reputation among specialists in this field.

The company, which is now in the third generation of being managed by member of the Zepf family, has been managed by Helmut Zepf, Jr., since 1983. Under his guidance, the old-line company which is his grandfather and father built up has been developed into a company that is able to maintain its position in the face of competition in the global marketplace, and thus has had to define its priorities in a highly efficient manner. Among those priorities is strict adherence to the basic principles underlying Zepf's traditional quality standards and a large measuere of willingness to innovate. Yet another factor promoting its competitiveness is its loyality to its home base in Seitingen-Oberflacht, where Helmut Zepf can count on the extensive technical know-how of its employees, since it is well known that this particular region of Baden-Württemberg is a hotbed inventiveness and creativitiy. 

Last but not least, Tuttlingen and the surrounding area has managed to remain the center of the world's medical-equipment industry, thanks to its abundance of well-trained skilled workers. It is companies like Helmut Zepf, to mention just on example, that have been standing for that reputation in the field for more than three-quarters of a century. Moreover, the people at Helmut Zepf have pay attention to their exchange of experience with physicians.

Zepf has recognized that knowledge of the latest surgical techniques in cosmetic dentistry were as essential to their development of new product lines as the demands that individual ergonomic criteria impose on individual instruments.