• Helmut Zepf


    The family owned company Helmut Zepf is manufacturer of dental instruments since 1921 and is managed in the 4th generation by the family Zepf. Innovation meets tradition - Helmut Zepf is acting in the dental market according to this principle for more than 90 years.

High-End Instruments for dentosurgical professionals

First and foremost design has to follow function for the company Zepf. Our instruments are optimally designed for practising dentists considering both design and function - defining characteristics. All these excellent quality hallmarks of all Zepf instruments are of an outstanding advantage during the application as it equally means safety and quality for patient and dentist. It has become more and more obvious throughout the last years that the direct communication between dentists and Helmut Zepf is the key for a permanent development and improvement of instruments.

A very successful cooperation - worldwide. As a result we used this connection between dentists and Helmut Zepf for our sales marketing regarding the introduction of new product designs. All new product information are released with a separate product flyer in order to be able to inform you effectively and quickly. On a yearly basis we launch our general catalogue.

A market strategy which is not the latest but which is based on the early connection with the legendary Ferdinand Sauerbruch. But why not? This principle has led all the doctors in contact with Helmut Zepf (and the company itself) to great success. We have done this in the past and we will continue to do so in the future.

Innovative Developments

The courage to pursue new ideas and developments. These are the characteristics of the company Helmut Zepf for decades regarding the development of new surgical and dental instruments. An extensive technical know-how as well as the ‘feeling’ for design and ergonomics of our engineers using the latest software supported construction methods are the base for a successful production. A permanent dialogue and exchange of experience with our development partners - from the initial drawing all the way through series production - are the basic requirements for the realisation of new product lines. Functionality and ergonomics for the applicant; safety for the patient - this is what distinguishes Zepf instruments from the rest.

Approved Quality and Responsibility

The professional and trustfully development support is as natural as the technical documentation according to DIN ISO 9001; DIN EN ISO 13485.