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At Zepf, design primarily has to follow function. In both, our instruments are distinguished and optimally designed for the practicing dentist. The excellent quality of all Zepf instruments offers big application advantages, as this means safety and quality for the dentist and the patient in the treatment. In the past, the continuous direct communication line between the dentist and the patient more and more proved to be essential for the constant development of instruments.

LANGER M5 Universal Curettes

M5 Curettes are now also available as M5 Universal Curettes. The new Zepf Langer M5 Universal Curettes are especially qualified for Deep Scaling - to remove concretions on the tooth or root surface as well as inflamed tissue simultaneously in one step. Download our latest PDF....

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ZEPF Drop-Control New Design

As many customers asked for a heavier scalpel handle, we developed a new ZEPF Drop-Control® Blade Holder in the ergonomic BIONIK design. With reference to the mechanism of a ball pen, the blade will be dropped off by pushing the button at the end. Download our latest PDF....

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Bone Expander System

To expand resorbed bone with a controlled minimally invasive technique, helical spreaders can be used as an alternative to osteotomes. The cancellous bone is expanded and condensed which leads to a higher primary stability for subsequent implant insertion. You'll get further information in our newsticker....

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IDR Kit Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration

The selection of the right chisel to remove the graft from the maxillary tuberosity is performed according to the shape of the existing defect in the receiving area and the required bone volume. The most suitable chisel shapes are the straight and the gouge ones of 6, 8 or 10 mm width. As a general rule, the chosen chisel should be 2 mm wider than the graft width to be removed. These chisels have a milimetered active part with the aim to ease the graft measurement at the moment of removal, all...

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Benex Extraction System

With the Benex® System we launched a system for the gentle longitudinal extraction of teeth. The Benex® extraction allows a unique tissue protection as well as an optimal protection of the bone. This is very important for a desired immediate implantation. The Benex® System contains a quadrant support which is used to protect fragile surrounding structures during the extraction. It is also used if a longitudinal extraction with the standard support is not possible due to a severely atrophied ...

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24.710.01OX ATTIN Compo Knives with nanopal® coating

These instruments have been especially developed for removing composite filling residues. So far composite residues were removed in different ways for example with curettes, excavators or scalpel blades. Curettes and scalers are usually too weak, i.e. there is high risk of breakage. Scalpel blades have a high level of hardness, but are very sharp and only a few angles are available and ergonomic working is not possible. The new ATTIN Compo Knives take this requirement into account: strong blade...

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Z-Shape Gracey M5 Curettes Set with nanopal® coating

With the new ZEPF M5 Gracey Curettes we introduce instruments in a new design. The Z-SHAPE Relax Handle is designed according to the ergonomic needs of a curettage. The new handle as well as the delicate surfaces of the tip are coated with the new ZEPF nanopal® coating. You'll get further information in our newsticker....

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ZEPF Micro Tweezers new Cooley and Suture Forceps

Micro Suture Forceps were more and more demanded for microsurgical purposes. When suturing, a safe soft tissue management is guaranteed with these forceps. Cooley Micro Tweezers with a new bend for access to the retromolar region. You'll get further information in our newsticker.  ...

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Micro-composite Spatulas – superfine spatulas with nanopal® coating

In the case of direct composite restorations, the entire aesthetic responsibility lies in the hands of the practitioner. With the new micro-composite spatulas in 1.1 and 1.6 mm, the practitioner is provided with highly flexible ultra-fine ­spatulas for precise modeling of delicate structures. You'll get further information in our newsticker....

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ZEPF Essentials Surgery Tray

ZEPF Essentials is a cost-efficient set compiled in many years of experience, leaving the practitioner nothing to be desired. All the oral surgical, implantological and periodontal aspects can be covered by this set. The exchangeable working tips inserted in the ergonomic BIONIK handle offer highest economy and best tactile handling. You are welcome to download our product flyer here....

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Bone Scraper II

In oral surgery, bone replace­ment material and bone regeneration material is often combined with autogenous bone chips in augmentation. The Bone Scraper is an ideal instrument for easy and fast harvesting of autogenous bone material. It is used to scrape, collect and transplant auto­genous bone. By using the Bone Scraper, instruments like bone filters, trephines, saws and bone mills are no longer necessary. Its blades allow a harvesting of cortical and cancellous bone. You are welcome to ...

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ZEPF Cheek Retractor

The HELMUT ZEPF Photography and Cheek Retractor offers an excellent view of the intraoral structures and the surgical field. Due to forensic reasons, the “before and after” documentation has become an integral part of the dental practice. ZEPF Cheek Retractors are frequently used in intraoral photography, in extensive cheek retraction, in dental diagnostics and in surgical interventions. You are welcome to download our product flyer here....

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Onyx Hand Instruments Work smart – not hard

Based on the motto “WORK SMART - NOT HARD”, selected instruments for dental surgery are now provided with ZEPF ONYX Coating. The black coated ONYX Instruments, in the ergonomic BIONIK handle each, dispose of a durable, very hard and impact-resistant surface with excellent sliding qualities. The extremely hard surface guarantees a long stability of the cutting edges, and a regular re-sharpening is no longer required. You are welcome to download our product flyer here....

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EXLOG RoBa-Edition Forceps

With the new EXLOG RoBa Edition ZEPF introduces a new generation of patented extraction forceps. Two patented extraction forceps are combined into one. The EXLOG Forceps characterized by the fact that it’s easy to disassembly and the RoBa characterized by its patented jaws. It made sense to combine both patents as the combination results in a type of forceps which is easier to clean than ever before and additionally offers the dentist a functional extraction tool which leaves no desire unfu...

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Drop-Control just safe

The ZEPF Drop-Control Blade Holder combines the design of the regular blade holder 46.007.00 with a new and revolutionary function. By pressing the button at the end of the blade holder the mechanism which lifts the blade is triggered off. The blade is pushed forward so that it falls safely and controlled in a tray or cup. Afterwards the one-hand ejection function moves back in its initial position. Download our latest PDF....

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CompoSMOOTH by Prof. Dr. Gabriel Krastl

The natural tooth as model for every esthetic restoration applies high standards to the used material, to the dental technician and to the dentist. In direct composite restorations, the complete esthetic responsibility lies in the hands of the practitioner. An optimal instrumentation is the key to success. For further information you can receive our latest NewsFlyer of the product as an PDF file: 19.202.00 CompoSmooth...

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RoBa Edition Onyx

The patented RoBa-Edition according to Beck is the consequential advancement of conventional extracting forceps with the advantages of the tapered deep-grip extracting forceps. The modified beaks according to Beck fit exact on the teeth which assures maximum grip in the appliance. These new beaks are available for all figures in upper- and lower jaw (incisors, premolars, molars and wisdom teeth). Download our latest PDF....

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